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This is an offer to enter into a costs agreement for Journey Home Incorporated to provide the services described in page one of this document.  This offer may be accepted by you in writing or by your conduct in continuing to use the services offered by Journey Home Incorporated.

Journey Home can provide its support services in legal matters that is only payable upon a successful conclusion to their matter. Services are provided on the same basis as a Solicitor i.e. “No Win No Pay” and is taken from any settlement as per a provided authority

To utilise the services of Journey Home on a “No Win No Pay” basis, clients will be required to sign an “Irrevocable Authority & Direction to Pay” authority.  This form will be lodged with their law firm who will be directed to pay reasonable costs from the proceeds of any settlement.

Journey Home charges $1.00 per kilometre (the taxi day kilometre rate is $2.19 per kilometre).   Tolls and other transportation costs are additional.  Our driver, a Forgotten Australian, is a former Uniting Care Driver/Carer who is trained in the caring of the elderly and infirmed and is familiar with the requirements of wheelchair transportation.

Hourly Rate Costs (excluding Travel Costs)

Journey Home will charge an hourly rate of $25.00 per hour calculated on a time cost basis of 15 minutes. The services include, but are not limited to, assisting with the matter; reviewing, assisting with and completing documents; preparing statements, affidavits, statutory declarations and other correspondence; conferences and meetings; telephone calls; and providing support during legal visits, medical appointments, mediation and court appearances.


As the services offered by Journey Home Incorporated are less than 50% of the GST inclusive market value, they are deemed to be “Non-Commercial Activities” and GST is not charged.


Interest will accrue on the balance payable after 28 days from the date of settlement at a rate of 24% per annum accrued on a monthly basis.


Transportation and Services Costs